New single L’Anse D’Argent

New single OUT NOW !

Togheter with the acclaimed German producer and guitarist SINE, we have teamed up to release our latest single “L’Anse d’Argent”. Inspired by a beautiful bay in the Seychelles called “Anse Source d’Argent”, the song takes you to this dream beach framed by granite rocks. Due to the unique, silvery shimmer created by the rocks, the song title can be translated as “Silver Bay”.

At the centre of “L’Anse d’Argent” is a beautiful melody played on the piano. The finely harmonized piano notes together with the guitar form a unity and meet like the soft blue waves with the silver granite rocks. This bay of dreams lies in the entire composition and creates an atmosphere of beautiful longing and amazement.

‘L’Anse d’Argent’ is more than just a single – it’s an invitation to let yourself dream into new worlds“.

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